Ongoing Programs

Case Workshops:   Want more info? Ask Alan

With various guest presenters and facilitators, OHDCC will help you understand the nuances of a case interview, and offer guidance and assistance in preparing for them.

Coaching Colloquium:   Want more info? Ask Kristen

With so many of us interested in coaching, OHDCC will facilitate an ongoing discussion and practice session revolving around coaching.  We will discuss the latest trends of coaching, talk about how to acquire clients, and even have the opportunity to practice our coaching skills.

Outside the Classroom Series:  Want more info? Ask Kristen

Taking advantage of our esteemed full time and adjunct faculty, (or sometimes external business leaders), we will facilitate discussions regarding relevant topics with experienced professionals. 

Peer Mentorship:  Want more info? Ask Sony

As a first-year student, you will get paired with a second-year student who will help you navigate your first year at TC and in the Organizational Psychology program.

Professional Development:  Want more info? Ask Alan

From perfecting your “elevator pitch” to giving a presentation, to conducting interviews, OHDCC will help develop you as a student, and as a professional.

Resume Review: 

Working with OHDCC alumni, get your resume reviewed by those who have graduated from our program and are now working in the field.

Spring Leadership Summit:  Want more info? Ask Anna

You will hear a series of four workshops developed to foster the personal leadership growth of OHDCC students and the TC students.  This is presented in collaboration with other TC organizations, and can be found here.

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