About Us

Laura Fisher (President)

    Laura came all the way from the wrong coast to the Big Apple to pursue her MA at TC.  She dabbled in a few industries after getting her BS in Psychology, and even ran off to a developing country to join the Peace Corps.  Now fully recovered from her run-ins with stray dogs and bus robberies, she spends her time enjoying some of New York’s finest outdoor pubs...err, parks. 

Kristen Bakalar

    Kristen decided to bravely “quit her life,” as she puts it, and head back to school in a masterful attempt to change the direction of her career.  She has lived in the greatest city on earth for about five years, and was most recently an event manager in a small firm downtown.  She enjoys making fun of other people (and herself), and spends a lot of time diligently avoiding crowded subways.

Anna Denton

    Anna had a career in corporate fashion and somehow became inspired to trade everything in - career, life plans, financial goals - to return to school in the hopes of impacting the industry as a consultant.  Though she still resides in Gotham, so much has changed for her, as evidenced by the occasional sighting of her actually wearing flats (gasp)! 

Alan Llobet

    Alan is a southerner-at-heart, coming all the way from Rio de Janeiro, via Houston, to get his BA at Trinity College.  His undergraduate studies in Psychology and Business provided him with a strong academic foundation, and prepared him well to cross half the nation into the city that never sleeps and enroll in the Org. Psych. program at TC.  When not studying, he spends his time searching for wayward tumbleweeds...and random soccer games.

Sony Mysore

    Sony grew up in the Massachusetts suburbs thinking she wanted to be a doctor.  Then she thought she wanted to be a dentist.  Then she thought she wanted to be a clinical psychologist.  She settled on coming to the concrete jungle and has found herself loving the Org. Psych. program at TC.  When she’s not dreaming of what her life could have been as a physician, she spends time singing at terrible karaoke bars.


Dr. Sarah Brazaitis is the faculty advisor for OHDCC, as well as the Coordinator of the MA Program, and an esteemed professor.  She teaches Group Dynamics and Small Group Interventions, has written numerous articles on the topic of group relations, and still manages to consult to outside organizations.  She signs all her emails with “Warmly,” which is truly indicative of her magical interaction with the students.



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